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Do you suspect a leaking shower? is paint bubbling? Is Mould Growing?

Grout Guardian Repair +

Our Plus + services provide, leading branded grouts, silicones and tile glues.

Grout Guardian

Regrout +

From regrouting a shower to regrouting a pool or bathtub we just about do it all!

Grout Guardian

silicone +

Re-Silicone just about anything from showers, vanity sinks, kitchen sinks to even skirting, we just about do it all.

Grout Guardian

Tiling +

We do small demo and retile jobs inclusive of grout and silicone where need be.

Grout Guardian

Tiled Roof Repairs +

Have a cracked or slipped tile? is it too dangerous a task? no need to worry we will jump up without hesitation!

Grout Guardian

Screed & Render +

Would you like an area prepped for tiling? Perhaps some brick work? We have a wealth of experience in this field.

Grout Guardian

Shower seal +

Have you just screeded and rendered an area for your new bathroom? you want to triple layer water seal your shower area? we deal with that too!

What's on Offer?

All our services are available for you!

Grout Guardian

Highest Quality Grouts

Grout Guardian

Flexible Working Hours


Grout Guardian

Tile Repairs +

Grout Guardian

Affordable Pricing

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